Flooring restoration may be the best choice to protect your initial flooring investment. Restoring your floor is often the most economical and an environmental-friendly solution to old, worn-out floors. Chris can look at your entire floor in detail and let you know if restoration is a plausible option.  


  • Repair & Restoration: There is no repair too big or small. Whether you need a single plank replaced, noticing impending water damage, adding flooring to another part of the house or any other scenario, we can help you create a seamless floor.
  • Sanding & Refinishing: Raw, existing and some pre-finished flooring can be sanded and refinished by our expert contractors. Our state-of-the-art equipment minimizes the amount of cleaning time required after the project because most of the dust is captured and collected before being dispersed into the air.


  • Repairs & Grinding: Stone flooring can be broken or cracked. Natural traffic patterns can also wear into the floor years after installation is complete. By grinding the floor, any natural divots or cracks can be leveled out and provide you with the solid stone flooring you originally installed.
  • Polish & Sealant: Polishing your floor can boost the stone’s natural shine and make the floor more aesthetically pleasing. When a sealant is applied, your stone floor is being protected and preserved. Both of these steps will reduce the time and effort required to keep your stone floor clean.


  • Repair & Replacement: Cracks, chips and scratches can become apparent on tile and in grout after years of wear and tear. By tackling the small incidental damages as they appear, total floor replacement can be avoided. Repair services begin with a thorough cleaning to assess the number of damages. Then, possibly broken tiles can be replaced, cracked grout can be refilled, and all surface areas can be cleaned to make your tile shine like it was installed just yesterday.
  • Wood-look tile: Want to continue to have the peace-of-mind with tile, but the look of hardwood? Wood-look tile will check each box, including a lasting color that UV rays will not change. This is a great option for wet areas and areas of high traffic.


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